Must-try Canadian Food

You’ve tried poutine, but have you tried a Beaver Tail? or a Timbit?  Check out this list of Canadian food you need to try on your next trip.

Nanaimo bars

These no-bake bars consist of a crunchy base, creamy custard, and a chocolate top. Some versions have added mint, mocha maple or peanut butter flavours.  It’s a fudgy afternoon treat with added crunch.


Ice Wine

If you’ve taken a trip to Niagra falls, stop in at the Ice House Winery to ‘get slushed’ with their ice wine slushy.  Tours of the winery and vines run daily and you can sample the two sweet and refreshing varieties of slushy.



Maple everything

Canada produces over 70% of the world’s maple syrup, which must be made exclusively from maple sap to count as maple syrup.  Products made from Canadian maple syrup include sweets, spreads and biscuits.




Canadian Brews

Each province has their own speciality and craft beer.  Montreal’s Brasserie Boréale brews a red beer and a very light wheat beer, while Toronto’s Mill Street Brewery produces more than a dozen different beers in its pub.


Beaver Tails

Native to Ottawa, and created in 1978, the Beaver Tail is fried stretched dough topped with sweet treats.  The original topping was cinnamon and sugar, but now you can choose from maple butter, Nutella, caramel, bananas, crushed Oreos, apple puree and even melted cheese.






Tim Hortons is the Canadian donut chain famous for coffee, lunch deals and delicious bite-sized doughnut holes called Timbits instead. Timbits come in plenty of flavours like apple fritter and blueberry and can be bought in boxes of up to 50.




Montreal Bagel

If you’ve tried the NYC bagel you need to try a Montreal-style bagel too.  The Canadian version is small, dense, sweet and perfect for breakfast.  St. Viateur and Fairmount Bagel make them by hand by poaching them in honey-infused water then cooking them in a wood-burning oven before covering them in poppy or sesame seeds.