Is Copenhagen really that expensive?

Travelling to Scandinavia isn’t a cheap option.  The cost of a flight from London may be inexpensive, but when you arrive the sticker shock may come as a surprise.  Here’s what you can do to make a trip to Copenhagen more affordable.

Public transport

Copenhagen is bike friendly, and  just like Amsterdam you need to be aware of bike lanes.  They will just keep going if you step into their path, so take another look before you step into the street. Getting around by metro and train isn’t super expensive but gets cheaper if you buy a day pass.  Trains for day trips are a great option and you can even make the trip to Malmo, Sweden to tick off another country during your stay.


Copenhagen’s hostels

Copenhagen has some fantastic hostels offering a great deal in an expensive city. Copenhagen Downtown has affordable rooms, free dinner if you book direct, drinks specials at the bar and board games to play with new friends if you have a night in.


Pub crawls and free walking tours

Like most European cities there are free walking tours on offer in Copenhagen.  Check out the main attractions in the central city, the little mermaid and hear stories about famous Danes. During the evening you can make new friends and check out the best bars (with drinks specials) on a pub crawl. It does cost 150 DKK, around £20, but the two for one offers and free shots make up for it.


Street food

Hot dogs!  Just like in Iceland, you can get a great snack on the go from vendors across the city.  Another great option are bakeries who serve (fantastic but not so cheap) coffee and pastries.  You can’t leave Copenhagen without trying a Danish danish.

If you’re in town at Christmas time the markets make for great shopping and cheap eats.  The mulled wine ‘gløgg’ is especially good when site-seeing in the snow.