What to see and do in Tokyo

Tokyo is completely different from anywhere you’ve been before.  The culture, the food, the ‘salarymen’ crammed on the train using a Hello Kitty phone.  It’s a wild ride.

Senso-ji Temple

The oldest and most significant temple in Tokyo history is a great place to start your trip.  The street leading up to the temple is full of markets boasting street food and souvenir trinkets for you to enjoy once you’ve taken in the temple, selected your fortune and admired the gold statues at the temple gates.

Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku

These are my three favourite parts of Tokyo. They each have a completely different vibe even though they are only a couple of metro stops between them.  Go to Harajuku for your fix of cute, Shinjuku to shop and Shibuya for the famous ‘scramble’ crossing.

Big Buddha, Yuginhama Beach

This 13th-century bronze Buddhist statue is a short journey from Tokyo in the cosy beach town of Kamakura.  The town is full of attractions, great food and a beach if you fancy a dip.



Mount Fuji in Hakone

Hop on the train and get out of town for a day in Hakone. A hot spring resort town where you can see Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi.  The ropeway takes you up into the mountainous area where you can appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

Hakone is also the best spot to relax in an onsen.  The traditional hot spring and bathing facilities are the perfect place to unwind.