Keeping healthy in London

Once you are settled into your new flat and job it’s time to register for a GP and your NHS number.  If you are a UK resident you are entitled to use the NHS services and enroll with a GP to keep healthy.

Enrolling with a GP:

  • Before you get a permanent address you can go to a Walk in Centre (and wait). The better option is to enroll with a GP before you get ill. You can enroll with a GP in any area and are not restricted to zoning based on your home address.
  • Once you have chosen a GP that suits you, complete the paperwork in Practice or download it from the NHS website.
  • There is no charge for a visit to the GP or nurse.  Most prescriptions come with a small charge depending on what it is and can be filled at any pharmacy.

Enrolling with a Dentist:

  • Once you have your NHS number and GP organised you can enroll with a dentist.
  • The cost depends on what work is being done but this will be explained during your consultation.  It is not completely free of charge like a visit to the GP.