What to do before you leave London

Your time in London has come to an end, and it probably feels like it’s flown by.  Before you pack your bags to leave make sure you’ve taken care of these last few bits of life admin.

Decide if you need to ship stuff home:

  • If you’ve lived in London for a couple of years you’ve probably acquired plenty of treasures.  If you can’t cram it into your checked bag you have a few options:
  1. If it’s a small amount consider the Royal Mail
  2. If it’s larger there are shipping services that can take care of this for you. Whether it’s via sea (cheaper) or air (more expensive but quicker).  Check out Kiwi Movers, Seven Seas and Anglo Pacific to see if this is right for you.
  3. Travel home with an airline that lets you check an extra bag.  This is cheaper if you book online before you get to the airport, so do your research.

Sending money home:

  • There are plenty of options but I use Transferz.  The turnaround and rates are great and they have speedy email support too.  Other options are 1st Contact and Transferwise.

Get (some) tax back:

  • If you have not worked a full tax year you are eligible to claim a portion of tax back. You can’t claim back NI contributions or all the tax you have paid here … don’t believe the rumours.
  • There are lots of agencies that will take a commission to do this but to do this yourself just call the HRMC or fill in a P85.   You’ll need to provide your NI number, P45 from your employer (when you end a job they give you some paperwork) and your bank account details.  Simple.


Safe travels home!