A day in Toledo

Toledo is a UNESCO world heritage site, famous for its Moorish ancestry, cobblestone streets, Gothic churches and beautiful art.  Here are five things to see and do in Toledo

Arrive in the morning after a 30 minute train ride from Madrid’s Atocha station or join a guided tour with hotel pick up.

Toledo Cathedral

The 13th century cathedral is one of Spain’s most famous and contains beautiful religious art.  It’s on every ‘Best of Toledo’ list for a reason, don’t miss it.


City Walls and Gates

The Puerta de Bisagra Nueva is an impressive city gate dating back from Moorish times but originally constructed by the Romans.  Take a walk around the walls to see the influence of the different cultures who have inhabited the city.


Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

The imposing 15th-century monastery founded by the Catholic Monarchs is in the heart of the Jewish quarter.  The Gothic architecture is impressive and imposing, inside you’ll find winding staircases and a central garden.


El Greco Museum

The house is a beautifully converted museum focused on El Greco’s life and work.  Explore the cellars, studio, galleries El Greco’s work then relax in the gardens.


The Alcazar Stone fortress

Dating back to Roman times and completely rebuilt after the civil war, the Alcazar now houses a military museum.  The museum covers more than just military history with exhibits telling of Toledo and Spain’s history.  The fortress can be spotted overlooking the city from Mirador del Valle,  just outside the city walls.