How to get around London

London is a big place with lots of options for how to get to your destination.  With buses, tubes, trains and bikes available transport can seem overwhelming at first.  Here are some tips to get started.

Get an Oyster card:

  • Go to your nearest station and pay £5 deposit for a reloadable Oyster card.  You can load on what you need to pay as you go.  This is a cheaper option than cash fares.
  • When you know where you are living you can load on a monthly or weekly Travel Card.  You end up paying a lot up front but it pays for your weekly tube journeys without topping up.
  • You can also use a Contactless card which has a weekly cap so you won’t end up paying any extra.


  • Pricing is per zone so the fare you pay gets higher the more zones you travel through.
  • There are some parts of Zone 1 where it is far quicker to walk so it’s worth checking Google Maps or City Mapper before you travel for the quickest route.


  • Buses are cashless so use your Oyster card or a Contactless card to swipe on.
  • There are no zones on the buses like there are on the tube so you pay a flat fare no matter what the distance


  • You can hire a Santander Cycle all over London return it to another convenient docking station when you finish your journey.
  • You are charged for the time you have the bike so keep an eye on the time and wear a helmet!