10 fun facts about the tube

At over 150 years old the Tube has a lot of stories and interesting quirks.  Here are some things you may have missed on your daily commute

Most of these fun facts are from The Londonist, who you should definitely subscribe to as The Secrets of the Underground series is incredibly interesting.

  • You can change between the Victoria and Picadilly lines at Green Park station by walking through a long corridor. The pattern of tiles is more grey on the Jubilee line end and more blue on the Picadilly line end.  (The Londonist)
  • The ‘mind the gap’ announcement at Embankment station is voiced by Oswald Laurence, the original voice artist, whose widow likes to hear the sound of his voice there. (The Londonist)
  • Back in 2013 the Look for Longer game was released containing 100 clues representing the names of tube stations.  It’s a great time waster but also very satisfying to find all 100.  You can find me at number 1493 of the 100 club.
  • A fragrance was pumped into tube stations attempting to make the journey fresher and less unpleasant during the summer of 2001.  It didn’t catch on.  (BBC)
  • The longest escalator can be found at Angel station and the shortest at Stratford (TFL)
  • Many stations on the underground have patterns and colours on the walls at platform level.  This was originally put in place for those who couldn’t read so they knew where they were.  (The Londonist)
  • There are more stations underground on the Northern line than any other line (The Londonist)
  • St Johns Wood and Swiss Cottage stations are almost identical (The Londonist)
  • Greenford station had the last wooden escalator and is the only station to have an escalator leading up to platform level (The Londonist)
  • Vauxhall is named after the nearby car manufacturer, but maybe, after the Russian word for a large railway station.
  • Bonus … You can take tours of abandoned tube stations with TFL.  It’s a great way to see the old features, ticket halls and in some stations where filming is done for music videos and movies.  I visited Aldwych station, famous for housing people during WW2 air raids, where Prodigy filmed the Firestarter music video and being built over a plague pit.